As I think about this journey we’ve started, it feels a little discouraging when thinking about the amount of work we’ve done but still don’t have a deal to show for it. But when I break it down, we’ve come a long way. I think it’s important to understand my end goal because that helps put progress into perspective. 

What’s my personal goal? 

To make a large impact in healthcare and change the way care is delivered. This is outside the scope of this forum but I will happily talk about it ad nauseam elsewhere. Healthcare is my passion, real estate is my hobby - I need both to feel fulfilled. 

Why did I want to start Smayal Capital?

Because I want my family to have a great quality of life without having to make sacrifices for my ambitions. I want to create generational wealth and an income stream that fully supports my family so I can dedicate my time to improving our healthcare system and take larger risks. 

So what progress have we really made?

So in a nutshell, every day that we don’t have a deal, we do something to get us closer because when the right one comes up, we’re ready. That’s the way this business works, and there don't seem to be any shortcuts. Stay tuned, and learn what I learn.