Harnish and I embarked on our multifamily journey in 2022, dedicating the past year to establishing connections within our network and gaining insights into the intricacies of operating and investing in multifamily properties. Through leveraging our extensive knowledge in residential real estate, we seamlessly transitioned into the multifamily sector.

Our overarching goal is to identify properties with potential for value addition, enabling us to maximize profits that will be distributed among our general and limited partners. While our venture may seem profit-centric, our mindset is centered on reclaiming our time through these investments. More importantly, we are committed to providing opportunities for our network of friends and family to succeed alongside us, empowering them to attain financial freedom.

Smayal Capital is enthusiastic about sharing our journey and tracking our progress in the years ahead. We aspire to present our investors with opportunities that have the potential to enhance their financial well-being, reflecting our dedication to improving lives through strategic investments!