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At Smayal Capital, we are a team of driven individuals dedicated to ensuring your capital has a home where it can grow while providing families a home where they can grow.

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About Us

Our goal at Smayal Capital is to provide investors with a home for their money to grow while providing families a home to grow in.

Our investment criteria is a data-driven process to identify the best possible opportunity in multi-family real estate value-add properties. Our expert team, with a collective 20 years of experience in real estate brokerage, investment, and property management, applies passion with an analytical approach to find the best possible opportunities and nurtures them with a sound business strategy to maximize ROI.

How the Process Works

We Scout

We sift through hundreds of properties to find the right deal for our investors. We not only evaluate the property but also the market/sub-market economics and outlook.

We Assess

We do all of the leg work in underwriting the property and developing a strong business plan for value-add. We generate a proforma that lays out the uses of capital, projected cashflows, projected exit value, and share distribution for our investors. 

You Invest

Find a deal that works for you, and subscribe to our investor portal.

We Acquire

We work with a team of attorneys, accountants, lenders, and brokers to acquire and finance the property. 

We Manage & Stabilize

We manage the property and the execution of the value-add business plan through out the full period the property is held.

We Exit

We target a hold of 5-7 years, after which point we strive to sell the property at a higher valuation than it was purchased for, increasing the investors' ROI above the month-to-month cash flows. 

You Collect

Collect distributions from monthly cash flows as well as proceeds from the sale of the property at its new increased valuation.


Our Team

Harnish and Kevin are members of a national advisory group of multifamily operators who collectively own or control over 150,000 multifamily units in the United States. Notwithstanding, membership in this national advisory group does not guarantee returns, preservation of capital, and/or the viability of a particular multifamily project. 

We pride ourselves on our experience to give you the comfort that your investment is safe and growing. Our team is very meticulous in preparing opportunities through:

Kevin Patel

Managing Partner

Kevin Patel is a seasoned and accomplished realtor with an impressive 5-year tenure in the industry, backed by 7 years of exceptional Project Management expertise. Kevin's mastery in budgeting ensures that every project is meticulously planned for optimal financial outcomes. His exceptional communication skills have not only fostered strong client relationships but have also facilitated seamless collaborations with investors. 

Kevin's unique talent lies in his ability to transform properties, effectively enhancing their value and market desirability. With a proven track record in both real estate and project management, Kevin Patel continues to set the bar high, consistently delivering results that exceed expectations. 

Harnish Patel

Managing Partner

Harnish Patel has been active in the real estate investment game for nearly 15 years and is now in 280 doors consisting of both single-family and multifamily properties. Harnish made his first investment in real estate as a senior in college, giving him very early exposure to investment analysis and property management. Since then, Harnish has been actively involved in real estate from the business management and investment perspective as both a passive and active income stream.

Through his management consulting career, Harnish led multiple cross-functional nationwide teams in private equity-backed consulting firms to turn around or transform hundred-million and billion-dollar organizations. Harnish has excelled in the art of carefully crafting, socializing and executing business plans to recognize results for his clients. Harnish is able to apply those skills back to real estate by maximizing returns for his investors and increasing speed to value using a data-driven approach to multifamily real estate investing.

Rod Khleif

Senior Advisor

Rod Khleif is a multiple business owner and philanthropist who is passionate about business, high performance, real estate and giving back. As one of the country's top real estate and peak performance luminaries. He has also owned over 2000 properties. Rod Khleif soared from humble beginnings as a young, impoverished Dutch immigrant to incredible success.

Rod's experience involves both remarkable triumphs, and spectacular failures, which he affectionately calls "seminars:' Rod will explain the mindset required to recover from losing $50million dollars in the crash of 2008 to the success he enjoys today.

Rod brings incredible authenticity and insight to his approach to real estate, mindset, success and life. Rod can talk about Real estate, the psychology of success, and any business topic in great depth, contributing incredible first-hand, technical, and motivational knowledge and skills to the conversation. Rod also founded The Tiny Hands Foundation, which has benefited more than 130,000 children in need.

Any potential investors should not construe Rod Khleif listed as a “senior consultant” to mean Rod Khleif or his team have analyzed or endorsed any particular investment opportunity.

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